May 18, 2021

SAW (2004)

This week, RANT ME OUTTA HERE continues with another movie picked by co-host Kendall. The Nobodies break down every Poo's Clue in the 2004 film that launched multiple careers, created a new sub genre, and gave us a sequel every year until we begged them to stop. This week: SAW.


Plus Rants Recommends, Rant Me Outta Here finale revealed!

May 11, 2021

As Above So Below

This week, Kendall's curated series, Rant Me Out of Here continues, when the Nobodies discuss, As Above So Below. 


A young archeologist and a ... *checks notes* guy who breaks into old churches to fix their bells for fun... okay, accidentally find the gateway to Hell under Paris while they search for the Philosopher's stone.


Plus Horror Hornshoe, Rants Recommends, and next week's Rant Me Out of Here title revealed!

May 3, 2021

Green Room

This week, the Nobodies kick off a brand limited series curated by Co-host Kendall, titled RANT ME OUT OF HERE, with Green Room.


Horror Hornshoe Headlines, Rants Recommends, and the reveal of our next RANT ME OUT OF HERE title.

April 27, 2021

Rosemary’s Baby

This week, the Nobodies close out their month long look into Cult Films with the mother of them all! Rosemary's Baby. 


What happens when your husband becomes friends with the Satanists next door? Find out, as your hosts break down this timeless classic. 


Also Rants Recommends, Horror Hornshoe Headlines, and the reveal of co-host KENDALL'S curated month of shows. 

April 20, 2021


This week, the Nobodies continue a month long discussion of Cult movies with 2018's MANDY. 


Grab your crossbow, strap on your Goopy Leather Daddy pants, and take a hit of that satanic psychedelic Miracle Whip as we descend into the colorful chasms of hell that is MANDY.


Plus Horror Hornshoe Headlines, Rants Recommends and we reveal the title of our CULT FILM limited series. 

April 13, 2021


Hail Paimon!


This week, the Nobodies continue their month long LIMITED series on cults, with a revisit to Ari Aster's masterpiece, Hereditary. A movie so scary, you'll be checking your attic for dead Satan Mamas!


If you've seen it ten times, you need to see it again. There is always something new to find.


Plus Hornshoe Headlines and Rants Recommends! Plus Kendall's pick for next week revealed!!!


April 7, 2021


This week, the Nobodies kick off a brand new limited series for the month of April, CULT OF RANTONALITY. That's right a month long dive into films about CULTS, starting with this week's film, Faults.


A down on his luck "expert" on cults is hired to help save a couple's daughter. Will he find a way save her and himself? 


Plus Rants Recommends!



March 30, 2021


This week the Nobodies wrap up their month long Body Horror LIMITED series with SOCIETY. Rich people are bad, but that's not the only thing they learn this week. The film sparks a lot of fun and deep conversation about the ways the Nobodies view ... SOCIETY (get it?) 


Also we reveal our April series, Rants Recommends and MORE!

March 22, 2021

The Blob

This week the Nobodies continue their trek through Body Horror with the 1988 cover of the timeless classic, The Blob. Listen as they dive head first into slimy, man eating terror, and a nice butt!


Horror Hornshoe Headlines, Rants Recommends and find out what our Body Horror Finale is!!!

March 15, 2021

The Human Centipede

This week, our LIMITED Body Horror series curated by co-host Doug continues, when the Nobodies watch (for the most part) and discuss The Human Centipede. Which of them loved it? And which of them watched it in fast forward? 


Plus Rants Recommends, and the reveal of next week's film. 


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