This week the Nobodies get a helper monkey that is injected with pureed human brain juice, and it becomes linked with their brain somehow, and also begins to take their brain over in some sort of Venom-type plot line? Monkey Shines! It's a face sitting good time.


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This week , the RANTimals are running wild like a HorseMomma, when the Nobodies continue their killer critter series with the TIMELESS Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. What happens when chickens don't eat and you head out to the playground for some recess, but you end up going on a CROW Ride? Listen and find out. The birds are the least of your worries because all of these people are NUTS. 

Big Flan news in the Hornshoe, Rants Recommends and a special tribute to the wonderfully talented and gone too soon Sam Lloyd.


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This week, the nobodies kick off a brand new LIMITED series, When RANTimals Attack. What happens when animals go bad? The new series kicks off with the 90's "Thrillomedy" Arachnophobia! Giant spiders hitching rides on crows, John Goodman stealing every scene he's in, and Dr. Jeff Daniels? This one has all the makings of a modern classic. What angry animal will we cover next week? 


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This week, the nobodies wrap up their LIMITED devil series with a SATANIC SPECTACULAR, the ultimate Lucifer movie, that's right it's STOP OR MY MOM WILL SHOOT. Kidding. This week your hosts take a deep dive into the timeless horror classic, The Exorcist. 

Hornshoe, recommends, AND the reveal of the next limited series. 

This week, the nobodies like to live deliciously, as they head into the woods and watch Robert Eggers' The Witch. Grab a jar of jelly, cover your nips, and for Phillip's sake, keep your hands off your sister. 


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The Satan train rolls on as the Nobodies order a pizza, slap some new batteries in their WalkMan, and watch Ti West's The House of the Devil, a movie so good, you'll be thanking Booty Hand Jesus that you watched this one.


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This week, the Nobodies kick off a brand new LIMITED series, just in time for Easter. That's right, they are talking all things SATAN, as they discuss the best Satanic horror movies of all time, starting with The Conjuring. Is this one of if not the best possession films of all time? Listen as they discuss and dissect this modern horror masterpiece.

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This week, the Nobodies wrap up their LIMITED Living Dead series with the Iconic Zombie. What happens when Italian filmmakers decide they are just going to make their own sequel to George Romero's Dawn of the Dead? Topless scuba diving and Zombies wrestling sharks! Interested? Well stay in your house, dial your pals up on VROOM and STRAP IN!


Horror Hornshoe, Rants Recommends, and we reveal our NEW limited series!

This week, the nobodies socially distance themselves, but the show goes on, when they break down Pontypool. The world is scary, folks. Diseases, ignorance, evil, and bad movies abound. But the Nobodies are here for you. If we have to hotwire a van Christian Slater Pump Up The Volume style, we will NEVER STOP RANTING! 

This week, the Nobodies grab their DISCman and their sniffin' panties and head out into the woods when they discuss the microbudget indie Zombie cult film, The Battery. A buddy dramedy set in the time of the zombie apocalypse. 

Real life horror in this week's Hornshoe. 

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